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Our Ethical Statement

We believe that children should spend as much time outdoors as possible. Natural light, fresh air and an outdoor environment are  vital parts of natural development.

There are many reasons why most children don't 'play out' the way our generation did. So for the last thirty years, we have been creating products that enhance your outdoor spaces, transforming grass and tarmac areas into an enriched
learning and play-space.
From Nature Gardens, to Physical and Sensory Gardens, to Learning-Through-Play products that can be used indoor or outdoor, we have everything you need to give your children the opportunities that we took for granted; playing and learning in a safe, outdoor environment.

Our Raw Materials

Older tanalised timber contains arsenic - a poison that is now banned in domestic wood treatments in the UK and the EU. However, tanalised timber still contains chromium and should NEVER be used for growing food crops.

- - -

We provide the ideal alternative, using naturally durable timber that is not only beautiful, but safe too.

- - -

Oak, cedar and larch are extremely durable and being untreated, they don't leech nasty chemicals into the soil.

- - -

Our beautiful timber is grown in sustainably managed Yorkshire woodlands. Our woodlands are managed for nature; to increase biodiversity. The timber we use is a byproduct of our woodland management team's selective thinning projects.

From the woodland to your grounds, the video below will show you our whole work ethic.
We care about the safety and security of your children; that’s why we use only the finest, naturally durable timber species, which are felled in our sustainably managed woodlands.

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