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Woodland Management for Wildlife and

We carry out careful thinning works in Yorkshire woodland, often using horses to extract the timber rather than a tractor. We remove the branched and damaged trees in order to improve the health of the woodland. This in turn allows sunlight through to the canopy floor, which encourages the widespread growth  of many different wild-flowers and shrubs. It also encourages natural regeneration of the woodland itself, .

September 21st 2020

By Gina Kirby

What do we do with the by-product?


The inevitable by-product of woodland management is timber, a valuable resource that offers up a wealth of opportunity and possibilities. As volunteers, we were already working in school and nursery ground improvement and enhancement, creating planters and other items from reclaimed timber.
In 1996, began carrying out forestry work for Yorkshire Water , we decided to use the timber we took from the woodland to develop a range of fantastic products. We set up a sawmill, a workshop and a put together team of forestry, wildlife, EYFS and carpentry experts. With the help of education practitioners, teachers, childminders and various LEAs throughout Yorkshire, we set about designing products that would radically transform and enhance the outdoor learning spaces in schools, nurseries and children's centres. Our aim was to help you get your pupils outside the conventional classroom and into the Outdoor Classroom - where playing out and learning are so intrinsically linked that they become the same thing:
Learning Through Natural Play.

As one of the main contractors of the 'Magical Garden Project' - which was set up by Leeds City Council  - we began to change the face of school, nursery and children's centre grounds all over West Yorkshire.

Almost all the curriculum can be taught outdoors. . . . .
We have created:

Wildlife areas, ponds with dipping platforms/bridges, literacy corners, herb gardens, school farms, orchards, woodland corners, shelters, stages, denmaking areas, trim trails, fitness trails, crop-rotation demonstrations, climbing frames, minibeast study areas, ©'fancy fencing', 'Magical Gardens' memorial gardens, ©'Faux Forests', Story Time Corners - with story-teller's throne and woodland stump seats, ©'Minibeast Mansions', ©'Soil Factories', weather monitoring stations and much, much more.

More recently 
For the past eighteen months or so, we have been developing our best range ever - again with the help, inout and feedback from EYFS educators all over the UK.  We still create Magical Gardens all over Yorkshire, through our range of products is constantly developing and evolving. We wanted to produce a comprehensive range of resources to aid in making literacy and numeracy something that can be taught outdoors effectively and - of course - naturally. This is where our Outdoor Maths  and Outdoor Phonics  ranges come in. 

Our Promise to You: 
We are passionate about the health and well-being of the children in your care. With this in mind, you can rest assured that we NEVER put you or your children in danger of arsenic contamination by tanalising our timber, nor do we use toxic preservatives of any kind. Instead, we use Naturally Durable  timber, such as western red cedar, larch, oak and ash for a safer and more natural product. 
We can also promise you that we are not here to make a huge profit - we are here to make a big difference. Any profit at the end of the financial year is invested straight back into the company to update, renew and modernise our means of production. This enables us to keep our prices sensible and do so much more. If you are interested in a the creation of a Magical Garden in your setting, please give us a call or perhaps you could call in to see us for a chat and a guided tour around the workshop (call first to make sure we are there to greet you), and take away free resources when you leave. The workshop phone number is (0113) 2556342. If you give us an idea of your vision and your approximate funding, we will give you as much as we can for your budget.


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