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We began creating Learning Through Play gardens in 1992 using recycled and donated timber. In a very short time, our client base began to grow so fast that our founder, Richard Kirby, decided to put his woodland management skills to good use. He set up a woodland management team with the aim of turning choked, lifeless timber plantations into glorious biodiverse, wildlife-rich havens. He achieved this by carrying out carefully planned thinning programs, opening up holes in the tree  canopies to allow sunlight to reach the woodland floor. That is all it takes to jump-start a riot of natural regeneration. Rewilding then continues with no further interference.

One of our woodlands in Yorkshire, pictured just eight weeks after thinning.

The trees that we fell to implement these changes are then brought back to our workshop to be turned into the beautiful items you see here and in the video below.
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If you don’t see anything you’re looking for, give us a call. We love to chat to school representatives about ideas for outdoor settings, and if you can imagine it, we cane bring it to life.

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