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Set of 6 different finger tracing pre writing skills boards
£74.40 inc including vat and shipping.

Our Outdoor Phonics set is designed to compliment our Outdoor Maths Set.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Many items in nature can be used as natural tools to assist in the development of language, literacy, reading and writing.

For inspiration, check out our instagram page:


Phonics Phases Packs:

Each pack comes in set box for storage and display.

2x phonics/maths five frame chalkboard for word building and a 20 x 3 grid for sentence building.

Each phonics tile has a chalkboard on one side and the phonics characters on the other. The phonics are carved, making them traceable and outlined, with direction indicator arrows.

Different fonts available on request.

Phase 2 Phonics - £240.00

Phase 3 Phonics - £240.00

Phase 4/5 Phonics - £240.00

Mal's-E: Add Phase 3 Phonics Pack to cart Mal's-E: Add Phase 4/5 Phonics Pack to cart Mal's-E: Add Phase 2+3 Bundle Phonics Pack to cart Mal's-E: Add Phase 3 and 4/5 Bundle Phonics Pack to cart Mal's-E: Add Phases 2+3+4/5 Bundle to cart Mal's-E: Add Phase 2 Phonics Pack to cart

Phase 2+3 Phonics - £400.00

Phase 3+4/5 Phonics - £400.00

Phase 2,3+4/5 Phonics - £600.00